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I am exhausted.
Being the type-A that I am, I wanted to get ahead on everything before I left for Italy, and thus I am now stuck with a million homework assignments and tests on Monday. But it's Friday now, and I am taking the night to relax and reboost for a full day of work tomorrow intertwined with doing all the schoolwork I will be missing. (And shopping at 7 am with my Mom before work for a few more bits and pieces for the trip)
1)Utada Hikaru is going to get some notice in America! Her newest video, "Come Back to Me" (all in English, so Japanese, sadly) is featured on Itunes. !!! Her English songs aren't as good as her Japanese songs, I think, (Easy Breezy comes to mind)but she's still lovely and an amazing artist. Check out her other songs, in Japanese, they are beautiful: First Love and Flavor of Life
2) is becoming one of my favorite sites. It's so neat to see model's lives. And their closets and purses.

See more videos on

3) My friend gave us an impromptu concert in Spanish class today, it was quite fun. Kendal Conrad, keep her on your mind because I have complete faith that she's going to be HUGE one day.

4) These pictures make me want to fall madly and hopelessly in love.5) Andd of course "Gossip Girl," "Grey's Anatomy," and "How I Met Your Mother" did not disappoint in entertainment factor in the least bit.

Haha and yes this post was so random, but ah all of this is what basically got me through this looongg week. (and of course reading all your sweet comments! Thank you so much again for reading this blog, I try and respond to every comment left for me.)


Diana said...

Thanks for the Utada link, I am always up for new music.

With so much going on, I can't believe you still posted! We all need to relax with our hobbies, that's for sure.
Take it easy!

Flashes of Style said...

I love gossip girl and HIMYM so much! I am actually watching GG as we speak :)

André said...

I think Utada's new US album is much better than many of her Japanese stuff. Her first single is only OK but the rest of the album is ah-mazing (FYI and The One (Crying Like a Child) are my jams. You should check them out).

I really like Prisioner of Love among the Japanese songs. The Last Friends opening was really cool.


Anonymous said...

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