"what you talkin' bout, willis?"

Well... as you can tell I've been a bit lacking in inspiration this week. But I have a cure, it's called reading beauty forums & magazines and discovering all the quirky, homemade skin care tips that are too easy and fun looking to NOT try. So I have compiled a top five list of my favorite "say what?" beauty recipes and tricks to look amazing..

1) Baking S0da + Wet Toothbrush=A Killer Smile
Not only does baking soda work well in baking and keeping the moldy stuff out of your fridge, it can also double (triple?) as a natural way of whitening your teeth.
Why? Baking soda will wipe away hard to get rid of stains like coffee or tea stains, or those stains you've had since you were a kid and you're not sure why....
How To-
1) Wet your toothbrush and shake out excess water. It should be damp.
2) Dip into a box of baking soda. (Preferably NOT the one you use in your fridge)
3) Brush on your teeth like normal toothpaste.
!! If you don't like the taste (and if you do...um...)just do your front teeth. No one looks at your back teeth anyway, except maybe your dentist.
4) Rinse and brush teeth like normal.
5) Results should come in a week or so.
(I'm trying this one now, and I'm on day 2, so I'll let you know how it turns out!)

2) Olive Oil = Shiny, Smooth, & Silky Anything
Olive Oil, another major food ingredient, can apparently be use for anything under the sun. Miranda Kerr uses it under her eyes for extra moisture (Just a dab with a Q-tip)!. I've used it on my hair in the shower before shampooing & conditioning, and have come out with the shiniest, smoothest hair ever. I've also mixed it with liquid soap in my bath and have emerged with smooth, soft skin. Also, put it on cuticles to make them easily manageable. Andd mix it with sugar and it becomes the perfect exfoliant!

3) Vaseline+Socks= Soft feet
This is like basic knowledge. Vaseline not only works well on dry lips, but it does wonders to callused, dry feet. Just spread it all over the bottom, but on a pair of comfy socks, jump into bed, and wake up tomorrow with soft, renewed feet. Cheap & effective.

4) Brown Sugar + Milk= All Over Exfoliation
Simply add brown sugar and milk together in a cup, and smooth all over body and face before taking a shower. (I do it in the shower) Let it sit for a minute and then rinse off. I've done this before a million times over and I can vouch for how amazingly it works.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar=Clean Hair
I haven't quite tried this out yet, as I haven't gotten my hands on apple cider vinegar, but I know it works quite well. It takes out the build up in hair and cleans it out. Perfect after a season of swimming!

Ahh 2 days! I'm packing tomorrow... this should be interesting....


Diana said...

these are crazy!

i think it would be fun to try like you said, though.
have you heard the one of aspirin as a mask or something like that? nuts.

Ten Digit Creations said...

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muchlove said...

Awesome tips. I'm used to putting on moisturising lotion (didn't have vaseline) + socks on my dry feet. Super effective.

Have a good trip!

coco said...

Just the idea of putting vaseline in my socks makes me laugh.

Ariella said...

These are some nice tips! Thank you.

Should you brush your teeth in baking soda every day for a week, or just once and wait for the result?

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

more great tips!! :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Thank you for the baking soda tip, I might try it. xx

ana b. said...

That brown sugar and milk combo sounds too delicious to slather all over me. Another exfoliant is coffee granules and chocolate spread!

la petite fashionista said...

i love DIY beauty secrets, i've tried olive oil but these are some great suggestions I can't wait to try out:)


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