"we had sex in the closet...do what you want with that."

Oh, "Gossip Girl." How I adore you. Even if others consider you to be losing your spark, I'm still as addicted to you as I was during the pilot. Heck, I was a fan when the books came out, even those godawful ones in the middle. I'm pretty sure I even love you more as a show than the books, and I love season 2 even more than season 1 (well, actually they're probably a tie.) Besides there's amazing fashion inspiration on both ends. (My Industrious Socialite adores Blair's wardrobe as does my Whimsical Dreamer, while my Bohemian Artist loves Serena. It's perfect!)
Case in point, just look at the outfits from this episode. Plus-Blair being mature??!! Es verdad!
PS: As much as I love GG, I have to say the whole Elle arch was just plain dumb. Chuck not being with the rest of group for the senior requirement play was such awful.

PPS Their dresses, from Marchesa F/W 2008, were beautiful!PPSS Guess whos coming back to the silver screen as a young Kelly Rutherford (aka Lily)?? Will you watch it? (me? probably, because a) I love Britney Snow--"American Dreams" anyone?-- and b) Because it's a spinoff of GG set in the 80s!)
photos: youknowyouloveme.org & style.com

Update: Rest in peace Natasha Richardson.


Diana said...

Britney Snow is playing Lily?? Cool! I can't wait!!

Diana said...

Oh, haha, i JUST got your comment as I was leaving you one here too!

You are so sweet! That is the nicest thing I've heard about us *glee*

Cari said...

I love this entry!! http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

sarah said...

i'm a big fan too :)

v said...

love this


Lindsay said...

I can't wait for the spinoff!

Sweet Nothings said...

the costumes were GORG in this episodee