"whoa, whoa, i'm gonna breakthrough"

Does anyone feel as though their mothers can play the roles of their best friend and their biggest enemy? Mothers have a way of getting you to reveal all your secret hopes and fears and comforting you in your lowest moments; and then turning around and using all of this to carp at you and pick apart your life. It doesn't matter that, hey, you're pretty happy with your life at the moment. Sure you don't have everything you want, but in the vast scheme of things, you're pretty happy.
But then she swoops in, and starts her captious comments. For instance my mother likes to say things like, "So, you're on the see food diet? Everything you see, you eat?" or "Don't eat anymore of that." or my personal favorite, "No wonder you don't have a boyfriend." Especially when she says it in the most random circumstances.
Well, I decided now that I refuse to let her negative carping interfere with my internal happiness. If I'm happy with my life, why should I let her comments affect me any longer? If I'm happy with my personality, why should I let her tell me that's wrong? Why should I let her tell me how nasty and awful I am when she doesn't even see me all the time? In the words of a great, cheesy pop song, "I'm gonna breakthrough, I'm gonna have some fun, that's what I'm gonna do." I love you, Mom, but I know you're not perfect. And your imperfections will not cause me to feel bad about myself.
So anyone else feel like this and want to join me?

PS, some great songs for when you're feeling like this
Breakthrough-Hope 7
Tell Me Why- Taylor Swift
Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
Stronger Woman- Jewel
Hangin' On-Cheyenne Kimball
The Middle- Jimmy Eats World
In This Skin- Jessica Simpson



Diana said...

Wow, this is a very personal post. I am so sorry your mom says hurtful comments, but I applaud you even more for not taking them to heart.
The one line I always think of when my mom is up to her motherly moments, is when Blair and her mom had a tiff, and Gossip Girl was saying, "There comes a moment when a young girl realizes her mother is just as crazy as her daughter." Not that your mom is crazy, but like you said, not perfect.

agnes said...

i am definitely on your side. My mum is also like my best friend and my enemy at the same time. I share a lot of things with her, but i also hide a lot of things from her. but for sure, I love her :)

Anonymous said...

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