from cindy lou who to pretty reckless

I don't know what everyone's opinion of Taylor Momsen is, but personally, she's grown on me considerably. In fact, I'm kind of digging her grungy, rocker chic vibe. She's definitely become bonafide, rather than a poser like the Disney stars are. I did this with Kirsten Dunst a while ago, so how about a trip down memory lane of Taylor's transformation? She definitely had a long fashion don't phase... and the fact that she's younger than me is unnerving. (Heck, she's Miley Cyrus's age isn't she?!) But in the end, I can't wait for her band, Pretty Reckless, to come out with an album, and some of her outfits are actually quite enviable. Plus, she's always got her spot on Gossip Girl, which is enough to make anyone my age green with jealousy!

2000 Cindy Lou Who
How adorable is she?! And to think, a decade hasn't even passed!
2007 Gossip Girl
I remember my friend saying, "I don't get why they don't just make Jenny a junior. You can tell she's not a freshman!" And yet, she was only fourteen!
Blair Wannabe
Kind of a Serena too... One of her better moments. I know everyone loved Blair and Serena's locks, but Jenny's former curls should not be forgotten. They were a perfect blend of the two!

Future Rebel
Here she showed she's got attitude and we got a peek at her rebellion...If she hadn't annoyed me so much in season 1, this would have been a "Yeah, Jenny!" moment

The New Queen Bee

Pixie-cute cut as the new queen of the school, with her preppy style to match. She was quite a bitch in these days as Jenny!And So It Begins...
Rebelling against Waldrof... Chopped hair, getting blonder. Still looks like little J though...Age of the Too-Short Dresses
Everyone remember these days? When any moment her butt could appear from the bottom of the dress! She's become a grunge lover, but everyone's gotta have some mishaps before they get it right....

The Nadir of her Transformation
Probably the worst of her fashion decisions! Too pale for this, too much boobs, too young, bad hair... Just awful. And it was the Met Gala! Courtney Love? Why are you at GG?
I don't know what she was going for, but how much older does she look than her castmates...? I do like the leather though....2009 Pretty Reckless
Looks like she's gonna get it right from now on. The videos of her performing are pretty cool! I can't wait for the album. Her demo "Blender" is so catchy.
What do you guys think of Taylor? I relate her to Jenny a lot, but with all she's doing, I'm starting not to. And the fact that she's younger than me is starting slowly become an indifferent fact. Leighton is still my favorite of the GG cast, but Taylor's proving herself just fine!

Thank you!


Diana said...

everyone is different in their own way, but i am not partial to her but i do have a soft spot for girl band singers! i will check it out!

oh, i will be emailing you soon!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i don't actually know who she is! but her slightly rock style is great :)

muchlove said...

I can definitely see her channelling Courtney Love in those last couple of pics!

Anonymous said...

I love GG! One of my favorite TV shows!
Love that jacket that she stole at the Woldorf store. Wish I had one like that...

NOELLE said...

I loooove this! You found so many great/interesting photos!!

That picture of Vanessa (forgot her real name just now, lol) is gorrrgeous!