"at least we have our health!"

This is about two weeks a bit early, but I couldn't help but celebrate it today because I know I'll forget about it when it comes around...
Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?We've come quite a long way from the very first post about inspirations... And I can see that I've grown up, changed my style a bit, and I'm a whole years smarter than when I wrote my first post! This was one of the reasons I started my blog in the first place--to record my growth. So yay, happy birthday!!

Now onto a bit more interesting of a topic. As in I am currently on episode 5 of "Skins" series one. And. I. Love. It. Funniest show in the entire world. And WOW! British censors are wayyy more lenient than American ones (and don't start of Taiwanese...!). Heck I'm pretty sure "Skins" would warrant an above eighteen card to watch here, let alone be on daily television.
But it works, because this show is SO funny. Tony's assholeness cracks me up. The only eerie part is that he looks like a taller, lankier version of this guy I was practically in love with for the past two years (now that's a pathetic story!) but his attitude and total Britishness made me forget about it after the first episode. Hmm... Sid is so awkward it works, Anwar and his Islam and non-Islam bouncing makes me laugh every time, Maxxie is the best!!!, I feel bad for Michelle and Chris on occasion.... but I have to say my absolute favorite is Cassie. She's just so spaced out, but surprisingly observant is perfect.

All I can say is thank you youtube for letting me watch this show!