"no we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it"

shirt-Aeropostale, Shorts-Steve & Barry's cut offs, Sunglasses-Target, Sandals-American Eagle, Hat-Walmart
Interesting story before I explain these pics. Do people in your life know about this blog? I've started kind of telling my friends and letting it slip in conversation, but otherwise most people don't know about it (also my friends don't know the actual address... or really care half the time). And my parents don't know, I can just see them going off about wanting to see it and complaining about how it could affect colleges, etc, etc. Anyway, these are my first pics not self took. My friend took them! Yay, they turn out so much better this way!
Went to see Billy Joel & Elton John the other night. It. Was. Amazing. Times a million. I can't even describe it. And, on top of that, REESE WITHERSPOON was in the same stadium as me. As in the gorgeous, famous, award winning actress that everyone knows.
I know more Billy Joel than I do Elton John, so I have to say I enjoyed him a bit more.... But they were both phenomenal. It was a lot of fun and thankfully I never got irritated or hot. Highly recommend them if anyone is thinking of it. It was my first concert ever and I'm so glad it was.


yiqin; said...

Nice hat :D

Sherin said...

Nice outfit. Yh, a lot of my friends don't know/care about the blog and my parents compain about how it affeced me at uni.
Glad you enjoyed that concert, must've been great.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hi, thank you so much for dropping by and commenting.

That concert sounds fantastic, and Reese was there, wow!


Diana said...

cute hat!