"you're not twelve! you have a mustache!"

Spent a incredibly fun day at the park yesterday with some friends from school. (Coincidentally they asked about this blog!)
It's strange, but my group of friends differs greatly from swimming and school. My swimming friends are fun, sarcastic, and verry dedicated athletes. My school friends are sarcastic, really smart (as in when we bicker, we use historical references. it's insane. and i always lose as my friend Stephen knows just about EVERYTHING history wise! and no one even really gets my literary ones), and into the whole indie deal. Let's put it this way. My swimming friends are Lil Wayne and my school friends are Regina Spektor.
But I love them both equally because they always bring out the best in me while tolerating the worst!
The highlight of the day HAD to be my friend Josh being tormented by eight-year-old children. Because you know he had a beard thing going on and so NOT twelve. (As you had to be between 5-12 to ride the slide) But we all passed because our faces were smooth and clean =)


Sara said...

lol at kids tormenting friend...I find kids really funny! Probably years from today, they would look back, and realize you're never too old to do that anyway!!

La Couturier said...

How adorable (: What cute photos!

La C.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely blog comments! This blog is too cute! I don't want you to take a hiatus! Not after i just found you! But I suppose I understand.


yiqin; said...

I love your flats!