our fantasy court

let's hide away, you said
to a place far, far from here
far from the noise, the fright, the dead
from this world, let us disappear

a magical place full of wonder and awe
a castle in our little tree fort
where we can hide away from it all
and be with each other in our fantasy court


Miss Red said...

so pretty! treehouses are so cool.

Pop Champagne said...

i always wanted a tree house when I was younger! omg... then again I think most kids did hehehe. Thanks for letting me know about the bangs! When I have the guts to cut it I'll def try out your method :)

Amelia said...

That looks so magical! When I was younger, I always wished that we had a tree big enough for a tree house.

Kym said...

its like something out of a movie! :)