playing dress up

so i was in my mother's closet looking for a belt
when i realized she had a whole wall of clothes
that she never wore, never touched.
and i decided i'd have a peak through this wall
found this super cool dress from the eighties/nineties
it even has shoulder pads.had to try it on.
i love playing dress up


Kym said...

hahaha ohhhhh shoulder pads, i do NOT miss those. you on the other hand, are looking very cute in momma's clothes! hehe!

bryna said...

i wish my mum kept some of her old clothes.

Anonymous said...

how cool! I wish my mom had some of her old clothes! You look sooo cute! And like you had a lot of fun!

Jowy said...

playing dress up is FUN! u are so lucky ur mom kept all her clothes!

One Love,

Amelia said...

Nice picture! I like playing dress up in my mom's closet, but it's more fun to steal stuff from my dad :)

Shin said...

Wow how cool is that! I'm loving anything with shoulder-pads now! I really like the post below! It's just so romantic and the picture is lovely! xxoxoxo

Pop Champagne said...

cool shoulder pads! They're coming back into fashion again eh?!?! Love it