anna sui for target

sooo i'm really excited for this anna sui collection
because, well i'm a bit of a fan, and hello, target + me = LOVE
and of course me + target + gossip girl= PERFECTION
a dress has come out so far, an easy $60.00
and i've been scanning the web for some previews
some of the pieces leave me verryyy underwhelmed
and a little "huh? a little uhh pre-teen, much?"{too much print for me, too commercial... love the boots though}

but then others have me cheering for joy and drooling with lust
like, i die over the white dress with blue ribbon
blue & white= fave combo, and this screams blair

obviously my lusts outweigh my dislikes
and if i have to sneak my credit card on target to buy that dress
i will be a better thief than robin hood. or another famous robber!


Gabbi said...
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Gabbi said...

I can't wait either!!! When are they out I wonder? The magazine ads don't do the line justice at all... I like your 'lusts' much more than what they have on there.

Tania said...

you're right, that dress had blair written all over!! Oh my god how cute is the grey one???
Tania, stop it, you've already spent a lot this month U.U

Eliza said...

thank you so much for the lovely comment dear :) i love those dresses <3

yiqin; said...

I actually really like them.

Sarah said...

I love Anna Sui <333 That white dress with the blue ribbon is gorgeous! <333 I love that gray one too, the 4th one! So pretty, can't believe it's from Target.