leggings are nor will they ever be pants

it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine
to see girls wear leggings as pants.
if you're 1 mm from having camel toe, don't wear them!
a lot of the girls in my school are huge tragedies:Marta complains of grunge going too far,
well let me assure you, grunge is least of our problems
i'm talking ugg overload, leggings done wrong, Hollister hoodies galore
-sigh- suburban high school is truly the pits of fashion
because these girls above, actually find this okay

well, anyway. onto brighter fashion
i tried out my polka dot tights today, as it was cooler out
& i've been trying to think of a way to wear them since last year!{shirt-target, jeans-DIY cutoffs, tights & boots-kohls}
PS incase you're wondering
we had an activity fair today,
hence why everyone's outside.

PPS incase you think i'm being stalker/mean about this
don't worry, i don't know these girls at all, just observed
and i was at the history club table, where no one came=boredom
plus their identities are forever anonymous!


we wear things said...

love the tights!! and haha.. as much as i love leggings.. the top better cover my rear... before i'll step outside.


E said...

Yes, you definitely did it right! I love the texture on those tights!

Sherin said...

I am definitely with you...leggings are not proper pants, and I do own hollister hoodies, but would never ever wear them with UGGs and leggings (I promise). I don't like UGGS either.

On a brighter note: I love the polka dot tights.

Marian said...

i like your denim cutoffs!
hope you are well

Melanie's Randomness said...

Cute tights!! Omg I feel the same way about the leggings. They really should have Warning labels on them. I will say some girls can pull off the leggings as pants but TOTALLY not everyone.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've never seen leggings as pants either. Actually, I tried it out in the house one day (don't worry, I never set one foot out of doors), and I truly felt as if I had tights on. It was very odd, like I wasn't wearing pants. Plus, the look is extremely unflattering on just about everyone.

On a brighter note...not only do I adore your tights; but I love the way you styled them. Tights under cut-off denim = divine! And those boots...I die! :)

LML said...

i totally agree leggings do not equal pants

Eva Internazionale said...

I love these boots and I definitely agree that leggings will never be pants.

Anonymous said...

Amen... legging are NOT pants. They aren't thick enough either so I am constantly seeing bits of people's bodies I could have gone my whole life without seeing! Yeesh!!... but i love those marvelous tights!

ana b. said...

Polka dot tights are definitely a winner! And I hear you on the tights-as-pants front. There is just no need for it. Nobody needs to be familiar with the outline of a strangers crotch :((

Anonymous said...

Hahaa, I have to say: I love the secret photo taking there. ((:
Yeah I agree with the leggings thang. It's terrible tbh. And even worse is the JEGGING. xoxo

yiqin; said...

The shorts + leggings go very well together!!

Kristiana V said...

hahah i hate UGGS:D