thought it would be fun to do a little maintenance post
so currently i am...
a plaid button up, grey jeans, & brown boots
listening: the Postal Service "Nothing Better"
reading: Jo's Boys, Catch-22, Sophie's World
{first & last are amazing, middle, one not into it yet}
watching: The Importance of Being Earnest
doing: chemistry, calculus, & spanish homework!
loving: my friends, entertainment, & autumn
hating: leggings as pants, obnoxious underclassmen
wishing: to be in a college. now.
wanting: the dresses above, a pedicure, a spa day!

how bout you?


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

ugh, i'm with ya on the tights as pants, what a horrible trend!

wearing: vintage red bias cut dress with white pin stripes, black gloves, and 40's black hat with veil.

listening: to my boyfriend bellow random words that come to mind in a sort of song format. (annoying and funny)

reading: The Eighteen Nineties by Holbrook Jackson

watching: about to go to an early showing of "Zombie Land" tonight... free tickets from a friend!!

doing: blog reading and internet searches.


wishing: to make a stop action film. i've had it in mind for a long while and can't wait to do it.

wanting: a new piece from alexandra grecco's line!

this was fun!! :)

Lilee said...

nice post! cool pic!

Anonymous said...

Okay I am in love with this post and plan to do one this week! I am also loving this wonderful photo! Great post, gorgeous!

Kym said...

girlll! you are hardcore! chemistry, calculus, & spanish homework??!?!? =S

Amelia said...

I love those dresses! Lovely post.

Sara said...

I like calculus :$

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wearing: Pink boyshorts and matching tank - I've yet to get dressed; being lazy today!

Listening: West Coast by Coconut Records.

Reading: A Freewheelin' Time; Can You Keep a Secret?; Why Is My Mother Getting a Tattoo?

Watching: Marie Antoinette

Doing: Drinking coffee and commenting blogs. Should be doing math homework!

Loving: Tube Scarves; Sweaters; Knit Hats; Ali MacGraw; New York City; Coconut Records; Cocktail Rings; Fall.

Hating: Feeling confused. :/

Wishing: To be done with college.

Wanting: To be in New york City.

Oh, and I've read "Sophie's World" before. Love. It. :)

yiqin; said...

Ah I lvoe postal service too :D