little notes

dear italy & greece,
i miss you wayyy too much. i wanto to go back. right now.

dear yankees,
congratulations making the world series. but go phillies!!

dear parents,
i wish you wouldn't push me to one college and complain about money. this process is hard enough.

dear recent weather,
thank you for stopping the rain, fall is so pretty with blue skies and colorful leaves.

dear "glee,"
i'm going through withdrawal right now knowing that you're skipping a week.

dear blair,
please stop trying to rule NYU. i'm becoming annoyed at you, and you're blair waldorf. i should not be annoyed at you!

dear old man in the pool ten minutes before i close,
just go home! ten minutes of exercise is not going to do anything for you, kay?

xo S. Elisabeth


aubrey said...


Sara said...

hahahaha at the man in the pool!!

issa said...

lol great post

clarewbrown said...

great post hahaha! Omg, but Glee is skipping a week?? Nooooooo!!!! Nooooo!!!!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ah, I love pretty and such nice weather too...
Good luck on the college front--choosing was so friggin' stressful.

E said...

HA! The last one made me laugh out loud! I want to visit Greece again and go to the islands...

Kristin said...

Dear Italy and Greece, I REALLY want to see you! Hang in there with the whole college thing. I know what a stressful experience it is...from what I remember anyway as I'm old now. Ah ha

Elizabeth Marie said...

HAHAHAHA the last one is hilarious!! And yay for the weather, freaking YAY!

Marian said...

sweet letter post!
the college process is indeed stressful and hope it all falls into place!
never watched glee but hear its so good.
haaha to the man in the pool,he needs his exercise too ;o)

The Haute-Shopper said...

This made me smile...good luck with college issues.. I know how parents can be. Oh and I'm so with you on Blair Waldorf... seriously, she should be above this all! And you should have just told the old man what you think... after all, you're just looking out for his health ;-)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love this. For me, it's not rainy weather - just way too hot for my liking. Bring on the fall! :)