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the penultimate post...

That's right, this is the second to last post of Modern Dreamer!
Sunday December 12th
marks the new beginning of The Shoe Corner.
I ask you to transfer your future readings and followings
towards that blog, rather than this one!
Thank you so much for nearly eighteen months
For visiting this blog and watching as I figure out what works, what doesn't.
The support means a ton to me =)
Also please enter my
only two entries so far, so your chances are high!

empire state of mind

like the title? full credit to my friend lexy
she decided to name her facebook album after itIt's here: The Shoe Corner
A combination of my blogs, to debut Dec 14th
as my giveaway comes to a close.
I'm working on the layout, posts, etc, etc.
I'm sorry about not commenting back right away!
I'll get back soon, promise.
In the mean time here's a flood of pictures
From my trip yesterday! So much fun
{On the Met steps, like Blair and Serena, we were excited}

The only downside?
I didn't buy this sick Jimmy Choo for H&M dress
($130... a tad too expensive for me!)
and THE perfect LBD ($40 too!) was only in a size 12. =(
But otherwise, the trip was amazing.
A trip around Manhattan and the MET later?
Not to mention Magnolia Bakery is the best.
{While waiting for the bus, we played with toys in the gift shop}{Saw the Victorian room and nearly died, so amazingly beautiful}{Cupid & Psyche, my favorite myth ever}{Photos, 1, 2, 3 by Lexy}

changes are afoot...

I've been feeling quite wishy-washy with blogging lately.
I haven't quite found my "voice" and I keep changing my style.
I don't even know how to quite label my blog per say.
Life is absolutely crazy right now
And I'm going on about five-six hours of a sleep a night =(
But the new year's on the horizon,
And I think it's time I change things around a little.
I'm thinking taking down my two blogs (My third one is school related)
And meshing them into one.{}
No need to separate my ideas and thoughts
From the fashion and pictures that inspire me, right?

I'll be in New York City tomorrow,
soaking up inspiration and planning my future life!
I don't know how posting is going to be until I "update" everything.
But I just wanted to say thank you
to my readers and followers and commenters in general
You guys are the sweetest and reading blogs is my favorite.

On a Side Note: my giveaway
consider it a sort of going out sha-bang =)

{sunday inspiration}: the little details

Haven't done this in a while, have I?
I've been feeling quite inspired lately
By the small, elegant details of life.
The strand of pearls, the spritz of perfume,
The delicate chain, the tiny locket.
All are so beautiful in such a small way.PS be apart of my first giveaway!

perricone coupon giveaway!

Hey guys, I got the coolest e-mail yet,
Perricone MD has offered to host a giveaway for me.
It's my first giveaway yet, and I'm excited!
Everyone's been so nice and kind to this blog,
and I've trying to think of something to do to give back.
So here it goes
Win the Advanced Face Firming ActivatorAccording to the site, it's perfect for the skin
And I kind of wish I was getting one!
It seems perfect for these blistery winter days
When it feels like your skin's gone to pieces.

Here's my rules for entering:
  • Sorry guys you've got to be a US resident
  • For 1 entry: post a comment here
    describing why this product would be good for you
  • For 2 entries: Become a follower, link at the bottom or
    Tweet and/or blog about this giveaway
  • For 3 entries: Blog/Tweet and become a follower
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Giveaway open until Sunday Dec 13th

PS Incase you don't win, here some Perricone Coupons

to die by your side....

Finally. Finally. Finally. Saw 500 Days of Summer
And I absolutely adored it. It was just perfect.
Zooey Deschanel is amazing, and the fact she can make
Pornography adorable just shows how good she is.

Incase you're like my friends and don't know it
This movie is about a romantic guy and a cynical girl.
They do not end up together at the end
{This is NOT a love story}
But it won't leave you feeling upset or depressed (hardly)The quirkiness, the silliness, and the sweetness
Plus the reality of the relationship made this a great movie.
Definitely recommended, especially for Deschanel fans.
{Oh and trust me, you'll fall in love with Gordon-Lewitt}
Not to mention the kick-ass soundtrack throughout

happy thanksgiving!

We eat and laugh and gather 'round
With family, we make quite a sound
But let's not forget the thanks we owe
To those there for the high and low
{actually this pic is from our Christmas feast
and I spelled "they" wrong by mistake oops!}

today is the day to give thanks
it's been kind of heavy around here lately
my community's grieving and the feeling is quite sad
so i think it's important to reflect on the good today
and thank whomever you want for what we have.

So I am thankful for...
  • my parents- for always keeping me grounded
  • my sister- for being as weird and funny as me
  • my brother- for being you, even when I'm angry
  • my school friends- for being as weird and quirky
    as I am (especially she who calls me Panda ;p)
  • my swimming friends- for making me a different person
    and always being funny and loving
  • the blogosphere- you guys are so sweet and kind
    and learning about everyone is so much fu
  • my friends and family in general because
    you let me be me and love me for it
how about you guys?
rip a.c. and m.c. may you rest in heaven

now i lay me down to sleep

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep,
and if I die before I wake,
I pray the lord my soul to take."
I had another post planned for today,
but something happened within my community.
I found out six of my classmates were
involved in a serious car accident.
I was not close with any of them, but I knew them,
Two are dead, the others are injured.
Please send out your prayers.

Regular posting tomorrow, promise.
I won't turn totally morbid.

gathering my skirts...

i'm escaping from the noise, the gowns, the lights
i'm gathering my skirts, fleeing the glorious fights
of the rich and beautiful, the frivolity and smiles
i'm going to run and run for miles upon miles

so take my hand if you'll join me, we'll run away
we'll run through the night, sleep through the day
we'll have our own ball in nature's wooded hall
so come away with me, let's leave it all