Did you ever just get completely fed up with wherever you were at the moment? I'm having one of that feeling right now. In the rush of school, politics, my friends/not friends, and just all the pressure of being in America right now, sometimes I wish I could just escape into another world, untouched by society.
Okay, so this will sound somewhat ridiculous, but I've always had this place in my head of where I'd want to go. It'd be somewhere deep in the woods and the feel would be somewhat mystical. In the middle of all these trees, I'd come across this oasis of some sort, where a white waterfal is rushing to a deep blue lake, surrounded by rocks. I'd be barefoot with a simple white dress on, and a towel rolled up under my arm so I could lay across the rocks, dip my feet into the pool, and just listen to the waterfall and watch the sun move across the sky.
Maybe, maybe, if I ever fell in love, he'd be there with me, but for now I'm by myself, with no one and nothing around for miles and miles.
Ah, it's nice just imagining it right now, and letting myself relax. Do you have any sort of escape place where the world is suddenly quiet?

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