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As anyone who has an inkling of interest in the fashion world, or good TV shows, then you will certainly be aware of the fact that "Gossip Girl" has returned! I have to say, I had to rush through watching it right before work today, since I couldn't bare waiting a minute longer, and I loved it. Although, as a fan of the book, Chuck & Blair still make me uneasy, they're growing on me. (I still will forever be a Nate & Blair supporter, haha). Warning: Spoilers Ahead
If you recall from last season: Blair was ditched by Chuck on her way to visit her father in France, Serena & Dan broke up; it seemed as though Serena & Nate were going to hook up in the Hamptons, and Dan and Vanessa were going to hook up back in Brooklyn, while Jenny got an internship at Blair's mother's fashion line. Thus we begin season 2 with a shocker:
Nate's hooking up with some lady in a car, then being taken back to her place. Okay, honestly, the first time I saw this, I never even realized the lady was, in fact, kinda middle aged (well old enough to be married and be labeled a couger). Then we see Chuck entertaining some topless sluts, and Serena hanging out at the beach solo. Dan, back in Brooklyn, has become a player, making out with one girl while he was supposed to meet another at this famous author's speech in the library or something. We also learn he's supposed to be writing a great story for said author to give around, but hasn't written a thing yet.
Nate's new affair is with the lady to the left (see what I mean, by not being able to tell she's older?) and her name is Catherine. I thought this was an interesting turn of events, and kind of humorous in a way.
We then see Chuck prepping himself in the mirror as Serena comes in and teases him about it being for Blair, who is coming home that day. They bicker, as stepsiblings do, but we then see Chuck waiting, with flowers, at the bus station. We see Blair (looking cute in her headband, as always) step off the bus, look at he who scorned her, turn and kiss another fellow (who is completely hot in a Ken doll kind of way).
The next day, I presume, Blair & Serena are sunbathing and catching up with each other. Blair reveals she only just met her beau a week ago, and just needed a guy to come home with so Chuck wouldn't know he ruined summer. Aww. Meanwhile Serena says she's been solo all summer, despite rumors of her & Nate, and still pining over Dan, just a bit. Blair then says her funny lines, something like, "The only thing worse than dating that loser is pining over him. There has to be SOMEONE." Then Serena admits she got asked out by a hot lifeguard, to which Blair tells her that's perfect, as hot lifeguards can be used once like a tissue than discarded. (As a lifeguard, I appreciate that, B.) Serena concedes, and on her date with her lifeguard, she runs into Nate (in boxers) running from Catherine's house, as her husband returned early.
Meanwhile, back in NYC, Jenny is being treated as all interns are, like shit. She tries to make a frock for her boss to wear at the famouse white party in the Hamptons, but said boss merely laughs and tells her that if she's gonna wear something custom made, it had better mean something.
At home, Jenny is sad over her shit position, and Dan is trying to write his story. Jenny calls Rufus (on tour) and asks for his advice. Either Rufus or Dan tell her to make amends with Eric (Van Der Woodsen, that is). She does, and Eric, seeing through her apology, tells her he'll take her to the white party with him. Aww, sweet guy, too bad he's gay.
I'm not sure if this is before or late, but Blair has dinner with Grandma Van der Woodsen, who is reformed and kind, and the rest of the family (including Chuck) where she and Chuck butt heads, and her charmer acts just like a Ken doll with the family.
On a stroll about the Hampton town (or whatever), Serena and Blair run into Chuck and Nate. While Chuck and Blair have their little war, Serena confronts Nate about his little affair with a married woman.

Later, Blair & her beau go for a bike ride, where they talk and Blair is obviously bored. I only added this picture, because, um, how cute do they look with those old fashioned bikes. That outfit is my favorite of Blair's this whole show.

Then the white party!
I won't ruin the rest of the show for you, but just look at these pictures from it. (Ah, and Tinsley Mortimer makes a lovely appearance!)

And... a little intesity with Chuck & Blair. Ah, and of course, her beau, who, has a secret identity...


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