Analeigh Tipton

So, I know this doesn't mean a whole lot right now, as I'm about as famous as a mouse, but I am saying this anyone: I, S. Elisabeth, am endorsing Analeigh Tipton, the should've won or at least made final two on ANTM, and I hope she keeps modeling.
This girl, as soon as I saw her in the beginning, looked like a model, without even trying. As the show went on, she was portrayed as an extremely nice and moralistic girl, and her shots were amazing. Plus, her laid back style was enviable, as was her personality. I seriously found myself, for the first time ever, idolizing a girl who was only a little older tham myself, and a model. I've honestly never idolized a model before, but Analeigh, you are the first. So, please keep modeling, and I'll definitely keep tabs.
By the way, go Marjorie too. You have high fashion written all over you hunchback posing.

"Worst" Shots:

(Note: none of these are mine, and for some reason they got all weird when I edited them down.
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I didn't even show any of her BEST pictures (because besides those "bad" ones, all of them were awesome), and I don't know how to post video, but her first commercial was the best in antm history. Oh, and she can do French braids like you wouldn't believe.


Anonymous said...

omg, i so think that . Analeigh it gorgeous.

Elaine New said...

i love her too!!!! wat were the judges thinkin?!!!!
ps, saw ur website when i was finding for her pics. =)

manca said...

i sign myself under Elaine :)
analeigh is so dreamily beautiful.