A Mix of Mr. Rochester, Mr. Darcy, and Gilbert Blythe...

I was watching an interview with Robert Pattinson, where the interviewer says Edward Cullen is a mix of the three literary gentlemen in the title. Which got me to thinking of my top ten favorite literary figures, as I am English Lit lover.
Also, I've just seen Twilight, and it was amazingg. Kristen Stewart was perfect as Bella, and she looks great with dark hair considering she's a blonde. Her acting was good, and she did NOT sound like a man. Robert was awesome, his reactions were pretty funny in some scenes, and he brought a little bit of his awkwardness with him, which I thought worked quite well. Also, the supporting characters that you forget about in the book have the funniest personalities, and they act like teenagers perfectly.
Okay, I won't bore you with an entire top ten list, so let me give you my number one.

Gilbert Blythe

He really doesn't get a chance to shine til the third book, but how can you not love his total sweetness and devotion to Anne? Plus he's totally industrious, working himself to literally near death in college. Not to mention he's adorable, and the best boy you could ever fall in love with. Poor Anne didn't even realize it until he was nearly dying.


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