sometimes random is good

here are some random pictures that i've had on my computer for a while to indulge in this lovely friday morning. faerie covens, lazy days in the victorian era, my future vanity, accessories, and a dress to die for. enjoy xoxo

credits: clothes horse, cherry blossom girl, carolina herrara dress


Anonymous said...

lovely inspirations.

maisie #1 and #2 said...

these are lovely pictures.

B. KIM said...

perfect romantic
ohh i love my lazy friday

Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day, dear! have lots of fun.

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh the pictures are lovely.
i adore such cuteness.

and your comment was so lovely. thank you dear one.

your blog is such a treat. i wish to live in the castles below in the post at the very bottom of the page.