"why did you come here?" to fall in love...

I think there's always a bit of romance where the future is concerned, especially if you're like me and aren't the It Girl of high school. When I read about Taylor Swift becoming the princess of country or even Jane from seaofshoes.com in works for designing a shoe collection with Kanye West or Christopher Paolini becoming a bonafide author young, I keep hoping that I have that kind of fairy tale future. (Heck I'm quite convinced Alix from cherryblossomgirl.com has the charmed life!)
And I feel like a big part of that is in location. I just remember Sex & the City movie when Jennifer Hudson replies to Carrie's question with a dreamer like answer. It's exactly how I feel! (Although to fall in love isn't my number one quality in a city...) So, I thought I'd make up a bit of an inspiration board of the three places I can see myself living in one day, even a visit would be nice!

London! I've been warned of the rainy weather and odd food, but I cannot help but love this city. I've always been in love with it. Keira Knightley, Lily Allen, Princes & Princesses, Fashion, and, of course, the accent. I really want to watch Skins, it looks good. Plus British humour is amazing, and even more hilarious than any other. And besides all that, Tom Sturridge is enough reason to want to live there ;)
I would probably die if I was transplanted to Taipei right this minute as my Mandarin (Pu Tong Hua =)) is sub par. Actually worse than sub par, I'm pretty sure I mispronounce everything. But I always got the feeling that Taiwan is the US from the nineties. Remember Boy Meets World? Cory & Topanga? Backstreet Boys? Here are the Mandarin Versions: It Started With a Kiss, Farenheit, JVKV, S.H.E., Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Mike He, Rainie Yang, and more. There's a slightly cheesy element to everything, but it's the kind of cheese you come to love. Take out that whole grunge/heroin chic element and you've got the 90's all over again.
And of course, New York City. If there was one US place to keep me in the states for my twenties, it would have to be this city. (Well in all fairness, I do like Philadelphia as well. Once the whole killing things starts to slow down) The speed, the stores, the slightly rude people, the overcrowdness, the overpriced crapp apartments, the clubs, the shows...Somehow it all adds up to have its own charm. Who doesn't want to be a New York Sociallite?

Where are your dream cities? (Or maybe you prefer small town, Gilmore Girls style?)


♥ fashion chalet said...

lol I love Star Hollow :)


♥ fashion chalet said...

Stars Hollow*


coco said...

I plan to move to NYC in sometime in the next five years.
England is great but you'll need a good umbrella.

Anonymous said...

HALLO + sorry for the late reply, get ready for a long comment!

Wow; I really felt this entry.

You're in love with England? I'm in love with AMERICAAAA! I'd love, love, love to go there. And your accents are awesome. Sometimes I'll speak in school and my accent will just go a bit American. Something to do with One Tree Hill and Desperate Housewives?!
Yes, you'll need an unmbrella if you come over. (;

Yeah! I'd love to visit Taipei too. The Taiwanese dramas definately persuade me. Let's keep dreaming eh?

There's going to be a new ISWAK?! I bet they'll have a kid or something? Joe Cheng's too amazing. He does no wrong. And yes, Ariel Lin is one of the best! I've seen Toyko Juliet. It was... ok but don't trust my judgement, it was ages since I last watched it. I need to watch Love or Bread as well! Currently, I'm watching the Korean version of Meteor Garden which is called Boys over Flowers. It's good!

BTW: Is that Rainie Yang on Chinese Vogue?

OH and I passed you an "ONE LOVELY BLOG" award. Well deserved. Speak to you soon! xxx

Anonymous said...

P.S. That kinda fairytale will happen to you. I'm sure of it. Who know? Maybe an even better one? (; xxx

Marian said...

what wonderful reasons to live in each of those cities,London is always rainy! can be so annoying :o)
muah x

The Clothes Horse said...

I've lived in cities and the country...I prefer cities but I can't see myself in one place at all--I want to live in them all for awhile...
I hope you get to one of your dream cities soon.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love Luke's because his coffee comes in mugs the size of my whole head hahahha. I love Lorelai and Rory's witty banter too. ;)

I miss my GG girls too... :(

x, thanks!

Anonymous said...

STARS HOLLOW. so great.
anyways, this post was so romantic. i love the way you wrote about your fairytale life. very sweet.
and living in london would definitely be fun. have you ever been to san francisco? it's absolutely amazing. you should put that on your list.

Annie said...

my dream city is paris, hands down. I visited there once two years ago and have been wildly, passionately in love with it ever since. I want to live there more than anything!

your header photo is really lovely.


GracieFrances; said...

nice blog. x