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Update time? I think so. Some of my favorite stars, who are morbidly under the radar and not quite in the spotlight, are up to new things...

Leighton Meester
I really want to know when on earth her first album will be out because I love her voice! Besides the obvious (her feature on "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship), a brand new song has leaked onto youtube! It's her fourth so far after "Bad Girl" songs, plus her "Birthday" and "Bette Davis Eyes" covers. Called Body Control, love itt.

Analeigh Tipton
According to her blog, Analeigh is know a Ford Model! Congratulations to her! I facebook e-mailed her for a small interview, but either a) she hasn't gotten to it or b) she's probably ignoring it, as it's probably the millionth one she's gotten & I can't offer any compensation. Boo poorness =( Also she is apparently really into acting (more than modeling). Here are some shots found on her facebook, all credit goes to her and Ford....

Tom Sturridge
I absolutely adore this actor! He is just so damn cute, I really don't know how he isn't more famous than his bff Robert Pattinson. (Oh right that ridiculous movie called Twilight... I'm sorry, but really the acting in that movie was so freaking wooden. I watched it a second time and realized it after my girlish fan phase passed.) But! He is in two new movies, one of which is going premiere in the US Aug 28th... The Boat that Rocked. Any of my UK bloggers see it yet? He'll also be with another fave, Rachel Bilson, in Waiting for Forever. Yay Tom =) Personally he'd be the main male character if my book ever a) got published and b) got turned into a movie.

Do check out these people because they are just so amazing they deserve the recognition coming their way!

PS My very first e-mail correspondance was so sweet and I'm extremely flattered by her. She's very new to the blogging world, so be sure to check her out! La Vie En Mode

PPS Thank you Lips of London for my award/tag. I'll be sure to do it in my next post!!

{image sources: tom, analeigh, not sure about my top pic, i know it's a flicker account though!}


Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

I also feel like I haven't posted for a while, aha. That girl who is now a ford model is quite gorgeous. Yeh I don't like twighlight either, I dont understand its popularity. It seems thats all everyone think about now, vampires this vampires that oh and the off warewolf added.


Amelia said...

I hadn't heard of Tom Sturridge before. He looks pretty cool. I'm not a big Twilight fan, either...

La Couturier said...

Looove Leighton Meester ! (:

And thanks, darling! You're such sweetheart!

La C.

Eden said...

love leighton too, but i'm more of a blake fan, for sure. i've seen tom before and yeah, looking forward to seeing him on screen more often!

much love


yiqin; said...

Leighton sings really well! I love your first photo :D

Harriet said...

I loved The Boat that Rocked, it was such a great film and looking at Tom Sturrige certainly didn't hurt!

Leighton Meester's music is great too, she's really proved she's more than just Blair Waldorf.

Diana said...

i have yet to ehar the album! i can't wait, either!