I'm home! Yay, fun time, obviously not very fashionable scene as everyone was in suits most of the time. I've got suit lingo down now. Never seen so many Blue Seventies or Lazers in my life! It's a shame (and totally unfair) that they're probably going to be banned soon....Now on to the name of this post: I've written Skins before, and now that I'm two series in, I can say with absolute certainty I am a total fan. It's absolutely raunchy and full of sexual innuendos and foul language, but there's a certain charm (plus the underlying, far more serious tone) to this show that makes it all kind of work together. Definitely recommended.
My favorite character though, stylistically, is definitely Effy Stonem. She was a minor character in the first part as the younger sister of one of the characters, but even then I thought her style was really cool. And now that she's a lead in this generation, I've fallen even more in love with it.
She's got the whole rebel/grunge chic thing down to an art, and I believe a lot of her pieces come from Topshop? (PS dear TopShop please expand in the States more, because I really, really wanna shop there.)
What do you guys think?


Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

yay your back! Hope you had a wonderful time!

Her style is really awesome, the clothing is great.


yiqin; said...

I LOVE EFFY! I love her eye makeup too :D

Miss Red said...

cute clothes. i like the new layout. and the new song! love love love the who. topshop should definitely expand to the west coast! we're just as needy for them as new yorkers!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love that kinda style. Wish I could pull it off. Effie rocks.

Anonymous said...

Could you please stop direct linking my caps? (save them to your own server rather than link directly to mine)