gossip girl last night

i'm not going to bore you going over the details
because i'm sure all the fans have seen it
and all the other blogs will probably cover it.
BUT i cannot just leave my favorite show with nothing
so i shall leave you with this:
which Blair Style is better? Season 2 or Season 3?

The Alice + Olivia Dress
The End of Summer Dress
and of course, i do have to say, i loved serena's dresses!
i will leave with this:
-not a fan of the buckley/vanderbilt deal
-chuck & blair's love is funny/sweet
{though their games are odd, they're quite entertaining}
-serena's dad story will get old if drawn out
-i love the jenny & eric friendship!
-what's up with Lily?
-wasn't a huge fan of jenny & vanessa's clothes


Marian said...

darling i cant wait to see the first episode of season three, yet to watch it and love the images!

we wear things said...

love the summer dresses!

Anonymous said...

Basically obsessed with Leighton's fashion on this show (even tho I will admit I have never seen it). Eek, I KNOW it's bad! I did start wearing bow headbands because of this show though haha

bryna said...

i started taping this. can't wait to get into it!

Keith said...

I am so addicted to Gossip Girl. I love Blair.

Sherin said...

*note to self: must not read*. Lol. I'm a massive Gossip Girl fan, and I'm loving the pictures you've put up. Unfortuntely, England gets the episodes a few weeks/months late, so I'm going to have to wait :(

coco said...

Urgh I have to wait ages to see this. Unless I watch it online but the quality is always so poor, I think it's better to just wait.

daisy kate said...

Hello :) Sorry I've taken so long to reply to your comments on my blog, I've been moving house and so I just haven't had time!
I haven't seen ANY gossip girl yet, I definately need to, now I have some more spare time I think I'll invest it into Gossip Girl :)
Thank you for commenting my blog and I hope you pop by again soon :) www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com

yiqin; said...

I want to watch!!! :D

Simply Colette said...

Was twidling my thumbs all summer waiting to see Chuck and Blair. :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Serena bores me. But Blair always is dressed to well.

Amelia said...

I love Blair's clothes from both seasons. So great!

I think Lily isn't on the show right now because the actress playing her is too pregnant. I'm surprised they didn't work that into the show as a plot. That could be intersting.

Tania said...

I ADORE serena's dresses!!! OMG i just can't wait to see the third series, i hope it won't take too long before it comes to italy. I mean, they still have to broadcast the second series on TV -.-' i've seen it all on the internet though. Hope they upload it soooon!! :D