vma fashion...

so i didn't actually look too much at vma style
i mean there's pretty low expectations with
and when i finally went to style.com to look at it
i was right.
the fashion was dismal to be optimistic.
but luckily, there were some pretty good choices.

lovely couplesleave it tory burch to represent the style of designers
and i like the look from fonzeworth netley,
though i'm pretty sure i don't know who he is.

singersi don't like taylor's dress because she's taylor
i do actually like it a lot.
and amerie looks gorgeous in this blue dress!


of course my favorite is alexa chung.
she doesn't look too dressed up or too flashy
just perfect.
other celebs, take notes!!


Eva Internazionale said...

I've never heard a Taylor Swift song, but she was the best dressed there.

Sher said...

Love Alexa so much, I like going to the fashion spot and see the latest stuff she don on her show:)

Amelia said...

Alexa is always the best! I love that dress.

Re your comment: Haha, you caught me. I've totally been listening to the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack nonstop since I got it a couple weeks ago. It's so good!

Tania said...

i totally agre, Alexa Chung was the best dressed!

Cafe Fashionista said...

That's what I love about alexa Chung - she can come out looking better than anyone else by retaining a casual, comfortable look that is chic yet playful. Love this! :)

Sara said...

that shade of blue is beautiful!