audrey brigitte dos

I entered La Courtier's giveaway contest, and I thought I would make a little picture here along with the story for everyone who hasn't discovered her blog. You may (or most likely not) remember my story idea from a while ago. It's undergone quite a few changes since then, and in entering her contest, I got an idea for the book and thus my "petite novella" is a bit of an excerpt. Enjoy and be sure to check out her blog.
Audrey stood in the cluttered bedroom, unsure of what to do as Sid threw clothes around, searching for a proper outfit. “You look far too prep school right now,” Sid said, her British accent thick. “We need to toughen you up and grunge you down.”
“What?” Audrey looked uncertainly at her tan skirt and ruffled blouse.
“Your wanker down there is too busy playing video games to notice you right now,” Sid said, pulling out random articles of clothing and throwing them onto her bed. “We’ve got to shock him.” She spread the clothes out. “Here put this on.” Sid promptly left the room, leaving her to look at her new outfit with uncertainty.
Audrey ventured over to the bed and looked down at the clothes. She had never been one to wear anything but skirts and ruffles and flats, and yet here in front of her was so far out of her comfort zone, she was sure she’d look ridiculous. Those black skinny jeans were certainly not going to fit her or even look remotely attractive, and did that shirt have rips in it?
As though sensing her hesitance, Sid called through the door, “Just try it on already, yeah!”
“Well, it can’t really hurt any to just see,” Audrey muttered. She stepped out of her black flats, placing them carefully to the side. Then she slid out of her outfit and picked up the shirt. It was a plain, thin white tank, but there were tears and rips throughout the front. She put it on quickly and straightened out. Then she looked at the jewelry lying next to it, a thick, black necklace with a heavy cross at the end. After putting that on, she stared at the black jeans.
She wasn’t a pant person. Not at all. She owned maybe one pair. She hated how the felt on her. She sighed. Sid would somehow force her into them anyway. Audrey took the pants and slid them on, pulling them up slowly. Surprisingly they buttoned. She turned in the mirror to see what it all looked like together.
It looked…. good. She looked to the bed and found black, studded stilettos. Slipping them on (they were only half a size too big), she suddenly felt different. She didn’t feel like the preppy girlfriend anymore. She walked over to the bureau and pulled out her headband, shaking out her hair from the pins that held it back. She found some black liner and mascara and began lining her eyes a bit thickly.
By the time Sid was finally allowed back in the room, “the preppy Yank” was gone. She smiled with approval.

PS Thank you Sherin & Leia from HiFashion for my blog award =) I'll be sure to do the tag next post!